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Top 5 Controversies of WWE Divas

The field of wrestling is predicated on show, pomp, and circumstance, with its over-the-top personalities and larger-than-life brawls. And that’s precisely what the supporters want. But, every now and again, the show goes a bit too far. Global Wrestling Entertainment has been accused of producing racist, sexist, degrading, or otherwise inappropriate stuff in the past, and looking back over the company’s history, those claims aren’t entirely unwarranted – it’s been a… colorful & eventful run, to say the very least.

A little controversy may be a fantastic way to gain attention for a product and capture headlines, but as these instances indicate, there have been plenty of times when it has gone too far. The following are some of the most contentious things the WWE would have ever done or been a part of.

Paige Pregnancy

Rosa Mendes joined the cast of Total Divas in the third season, and while she has had her share of controversy, it was back in season five, when Rosa was holding a baby shower, that Paige was forced to expose a secret she had kept hidden for years.

Paige had been distant with Rosa whenever it came to preparing and attending her baby shower, but she did come there late and remained aloof. This led to her admitting that she had been pregnant at the age of 18 and had lost the baby.

Paige said that she was concerned if she would be able to bear kids in the future owing to medical issues surrounding her pregnancy. And she was clearly moved by seeing one of her dearest friends start a family of her own.

Nicki Bella’s Secret Marriage

Previously revealing that she had been married before in season two, Nikki Bella spent the first half of the season whining about how she wanted John Cena to offer her to marry her.

It wasn’t that Nikki had been married previously, but it was that she had been married for 3 years and also that her family had been unaware of it.

Nikki, Brie, JJ, and their mother Cathy are known to be close, so how could Nikki elope and marry her high school boyfriend without telling anybody in her family. The marriage was obviously dissolved after three years since the pair realized that were just too young for this commitment, but a 3 secret marriage was likely one of the most stunning things The Bellas revealed to the WWE Universe during part of the presentation.

Paige and Rosa Mendes

In 2014, Paige and Rosa Mendes appeared in an episode of Total Divas for Season three. The two ladies were previously known to be close friends, but it appears that their bond was considerably stronger.

Rosa admitted in one episode that she was drawn to Paige and that she saw her as more than just a friend.

Rosa decided to take a chance and kiss Paige later in the same episode, despite the fact that Paige already was known to be bisexual. Paige, on the other hand, was clearly not of the same mind as the retiring WWE star. Luckily, the duo were able to remain friends and Rosa has since moved on to a new relationship and became a mother for the first time back in 2016 when she gave birth to her daughter Jordan. So it seems to have turned out quite well for Rosa despite the rejection!